Xiaomi has now built a solid reputation in the field of home automation, offering a high-performance home automation system at an ultra-competitive price, as we saw in our test of the Xiaomi home automation solution. Following the success in many countries, including France, some products have been adapted to become compatible with the French market (including the gateway, which now has a French plug), and the entire application is now perfectly translated into French. Some products are even officially distributed in France. The product we are going to discover today is not yet "officially" available for the French market, but it should not be long in coming. It is an original product to say the least, since it is a camera integrating a ZigBee home automation gateway: the Aqara G2 camera.


Unboxing the Aqara G2 camera

The Aqara G2 camera is delivered in a very small case, which reminds us of the product's strong points: full HD 1080p video, encoded in H265, and a wide viewing angle of 140°.

Inside, we find the Aqara G2 camera, a USB power cable, a charger (in Chinese format for the time being, but being a USB cable, the camera can be plugged anywhere), a mounting bracket, and a manual.

This Aqara G2 camera features a minimalist design, which reminds me a little of the "Minions" of "Me, Ugly and Mean":p. At the front, only a large black circle is visible, like a large eye, hiding the 2 million pixel lens, and 8 infrared LEDs for night vision (up to 8m) invisible at night (no red glow, therefore perfectly compatible with a child's room for example). At the bottom of the circle, a small LED will light up to indicate the status of the camera. Just below, a microphone will allow you to listen to what is happening. At the back, on the other hand, a loudspeaker will allow an alert to be broadcast or even a dialogue with a potential visitor.

Power supply will be provided by a simple Usb microphone cable. It will be the only connection, the connection to the network being exclusively by Wifi. A button on top will trigger a 15s video recording by pressing it for 3s, convenient for example to leave a video message for someone. But it can also be used to enable/disable the alarm by pressing it twice quickly. We will come back to this alarm function later....

This camera is really tiny, since it fits in the palm of your hand. It measures only 8.2 x 5.6cm for 112g. Its design is not simplistic. Its base contains a very practical support that can be unfolded. We will notice in passing the micro SD location to record locally the photos and surveillance videos. Returning to the bracket, it allows the camera to be raised, but also to be positioned as desired, as this bracket can be rotated 360°.

Better: this support is even magnetic! This way, the camera can be easily fixed to any metal surface. With just a USB cable for its power supply, this camera should be able to be positioned a little where you want, placed on a piece of furniture, fixed to the wall, or even to the ceiling.

Last but not least, under its good-natured appearance, this small camera also features a ZigBee 3.0 home automation gateway. Thus the various Aqara devices can be paired directly to this camera, to create scenarios if desired.